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Online Small Easy task Jobs

(Get Paid to Complete Small Jobs and Online Tasks)

Making money by doing simple online tasks is now possible with the increase of people seeking assistance through the internet. The tasks that need to be completed are quite varied among others.
Learn how you can get paid to complete simple online tasks and make money at them. You may be completing ‘data entry tasks’, ‘finding contact details from some websites’, ‘searching for similar websites’, ‘finding an image based on some keyword’, ‘giving reviews & ratings on some websites’, ‘writing a comment or short article’, ‘like a page on social sites’ etc. taking online surveys, testing websites’ etc., and more.
You may find hundreds of similar small and easy jobs which are simple in nature.

Potential earnings:  you can make up to Rs. 13000/- to Rs. 20000/- per month.

Sample Online Small Easy task Jobs -

Smoking Survey

Payment – Rs. 250/-      

Sign up on a Dating site

Payment – Rs. 12/-

Create Gmail Account and Get Paid so easy

Payment – Rs. 3.25/-

Signup for free to a given site

Payment – Rs. 6.50/-

Download Android App and give 5 star review

Payment – Rs. 52/-

Just Review the given App

Payment – Rs. 6.50/-

Search and watch YouTube video

Payment – Rs. 6/-